​Proud to be one of the North's leading RTI control system and programming specialists, we pride outselves in not only delivering a reliable, simple to use system, but go the extra step in designing bespoke, simple to use interfaces with the thought of the user in mind.

​We believe our bespoke controllers and smartphone / tablet apps should be functional, minimalistic, simple to use and look the part. That's why we don't over face users with lots of buttons, and lots of choices to make to do a simple task.

​Instead, we let our systems do the thinking, which leaves the user with a simple button press and the rest is taken care of.

​We want you to be just a click or two away from doing what you want to do.

​By picking up a controller in a room (or even the iPhone in your pocket), the controller is awake and ready to use. The controller is ready for you to press the icon of the device you want to watch or listen to, and the system does the rest. The TV switches on, the system switches the device to the screen in the room you are in, the speakers come to life, the lights dim to your television scene, and, as they system knows its dark it closes the curtains for you. You then use the buttons to control the device you are watching, the volume to turn your speakers up and down, and the elegant touch screen to choose your favourite channels to watch.

This is the power of RTI control systems, and that's just the start.

​We can control just about any electrical device that needs controlling.  

​We can program and integrate a home or commercial control system on any scale. Our services start from re-programming / updating current RTI systems to new residential or commercial systems covering video systems, audio systems, matrix systems, video conference, cinemas, lighting, heating / climate control, blinds, gates, garages, security cameras, alarms, digital locks and much more.

​Please see our projects page for some photo and video examples of projects we have worked on.